The srvx IRC Services source tree is kept in arch, where the latest and greatest versions reside, including those under active development (e.g. alpha and beta versions of srvx). Older versions of the code are archived on's file release system and CVS services. The arch and CVS repositories are open to the public and may be useful to those who may need fixes or features that have not been released.

To access the old CVS repository, follow the directions shown at SourceForge's CVS page to access the services module. The following table lists tags that correspond to particular releases:

Branch: Version: Revision Tag:
1.0.x (Retired)1.0.3rel-1_0
1.1.x (Retired)1.1.4rel-1_1-branch
1.2.x (Retired)1.2.1rel-1_2_1

The rest of this page discusses the current arch repositories.

Important: You most likely want to check out a stable version of srvx, not a development version. To do this, you'll need to use a releases branch.

srvx 1.3:

srvx 1.3.1 is the recommended version for production use.

srvx 2.0:

srvx 2.x will be the next major revision of srvx. It is currently under development.