Individuals or networks using srvx in production are advised to track the srvx stable branch in CVS; minor and critical bug fixes alike will occaisionally find their way into CVS long before they are made part of a release. We also recommend that you subscribe to the srvx-announce and srvx-bugs mailing lists to be informed of new or impending releases and bug reports, respectively.

srvx is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty, not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

srvx Downloads:
srvx 1.3.1

The most recent release of srvx is highlighted above in bold. We do not recommend using older versions of srvx in production (or even for playing with), but there are links to previous releases below for those who like to disregard warnings.

srvx 1.3
srvx 1.2
srvx 1.1.3
srvx 1.1.2
srvx 1.1.1
srvx 1.1.0
srvx 1.0.3
srvx 1.0.2
srvx 1.0.1
srvx 1.0
srvx 0.9.7

To download other srvx related files, look at our file releases on SourceForge. For the absolutely latest versions of srvx, including development versions, look at the development team's CVS repository.