srvx is a set of IRC services for ircu P10 protocol networks; it is developed by a team of programmers affiliated with the GameSurge IRC Network. srvx is designed to be a fast, extensible, scalable and reliable provider of NickServ, ChanServ, HelpServ, OperServ, and Global services as well as advanced proxy detection.

srvx is open source software; the source is available for download under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License, commonly known as the GNU GPL.

GameSurge, a network of over fourty thousand users dedicated to gaming, uses srvx in production with minimal downtime. GameSurge is a sponsor of srvx development.

Starting with srvx 1.4, we use git for version control. If you develop a fork of srvx, we ask that you let us know where to find it. If your fork is interesting, and you agree, we may link to it from here.


3/5/08: srvx repository re-published  (Entrope)
After much deliberation and a few well-placed favors, the current srvx 1.x development code is available via git.

5/13/06: srvx 1.3.1 released  (Entrope)
The long-awaited srvx 1.3.1 has been released and is available from SourceForge.

2/21/05: srvx 1.3 released  (Entrope)
After much debugging and gnashing of teeth, srvx 1.3 has been released. The current archive is:


The development branch is srvx--devo--1.3, and the release branch is srvx--releases--1.3. It is also available on SourceForge's srvx download page.

3/24/04: srvx 1.3 tree open  (Entrope)
The srvx 1.3 code (still a work in progress) is currently available using GNU Arch (see above for details about GNU Arch). The current archive is:


and the srvx-1.3 development branch is srvx--devo--1.3. To fetch the code once tla-1.2 is installed, use:

tla register-archive srvx@srvx.net--2004-srvx http://arch.srvx.net/2004
tla get srvx@srvx.net--2004-srvx/srvx--devo--1.3 srvx-1.3

to fetch the code into the srvx-1.3 directory. For those without GNU Arch, we have uploaded a snapshot as srvx-1.3-pre0.

1/1/04: srvx 1.2.1 released  (Entrope)
As a present for the new year, a bugfix release on the srvx 1.2 branch has been released. This includes minor new features and many fixes for bugs relative to 1.2.0. You can download srvx 1.2.1 from SourceForge.