The srvx Development Team members are:
defdef at vt dot edu
Entropeentrope at users dot sourceforge dot net
Jedijedi at turboflux dot net
SailorFragsailorfrag at users dot sourceforge dot net
Zootzoot at gamesurge dot net
adamakl at sanguinary dot net

The development team can also be reached via IRC, on GameSurge, in the #srvx channel (if your IRC client supports irc:// links, you can connect by clicking the link). Please remember the development team is busy, and cannot offer technical support except in extreme cases; however, they will be happy to accept bug reports and constructive feedback. In addition to IRC, there are mailing lists for development discussion and bug reporting.

The following have also contributed to the development of srvx:

Finally, thanks to those who have contributed criticism, documentation, feedback, and bug reports:

If you feel you belong on this list, contact us and let us know.