Trademark Information

The srvx mark

srvx is a trademark of its developers used to identify computer software and related services. Others may use the mark to identify the software we develop or the services provided by running the software.

You may also use the mark to identify derivative or other software as long as it is not confusing; for example, "srvxdrop" is being used to identify software for the eggdrop IRC bot that provides many features found in srvx. "srvx2" or "srvx 2.0" are not acceptable names for branches of srvx 1.x or for unrelated software or services, since users may confuse that with future releases of srvx.

Third-party marks

This website uses certain trademarks owned by third parties. These trademarks are used to identify the goods or services identified by those marks and are the property of their rightful owners.